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40% Flusilazole EC
10% Flusilazole EW
12.5% Diniconazole WP
We carry out production and operating activities according to environment protection, health and safety-related laws and regulations. By virtue of the wastewater treatment plant with a handling capacity of 2000 tons/day and the incineration equipment (RTO) with a capacity of 10,000NM3/h, we strictly control the limits for wastewater discharge and exhaust emission, which are much lower than the corresponding national standards.

We unceasingly improve our production processes and management systems to reduce the danger of our operating activities and make efforts to develop new products and production processes to mitigate the negative impact on the human bodies and the surrounding environment by means of energy conservation, consumption reduction and pollution reduction, etc.

We minimize the occurrence of occupational injuries, occupational diseases and safety & environmental incidents, and our goal is to avoid any occupational injury, disease and safety &environmental incidents that may occur through our strict management. Meanwhile, we will endeavor to improve safety guarantee for employees in non-working occasions.